SkedFlex is a simple and effective online-booking system which manages courses, participants and their contracts. In addition all course bookings can be comfortably made online by any SkedFlex member.


Due to the intuitive software design, anyone can use SkedFlex without prior knowledge or training.


The software is not only applicable through its modularity. It can support you exactly where your needs are.


Usage of the software minimizes work effort and offers you outstanding value.


Every studio is different. We recognize this and enable you to use the software which best suits your needs.

Management and Booking

Made Easy

In the most cost-effective basis version, all important functions are already available.

Maintain An Overview At Any Given Time

With the course planning and management, you can gather and manage your complete course offering, whereby the courses with the most important information can be provided. Thanks to the Website Plugins, you can also publish the course plan on your homepage. Course Planning & Management

Online-Booking Via Your Participants

Create your individual schedule. Your members can comfortably register for individual course appointments via the online course booking. At any time, you are provided with an overview of the booking and the occupancy of your courses. Online Course Booking

Participation Limitation Without Effort

You can assign your members individual contracts which corresponds to the standards of your studio. The contracts limit the participations of your members to how many courses they can attend to and provide a simplified overview, how many courses must be offered for an optimal occupancy rate. Contract Creation and Management

Customer Data Collection

With the centralized information of your members, you can see at any time which members are registered, active, and which contracts they have booked. Furthermore, this enables you to track which participants booked which events. Member Management

Your Studio In Numbers

The statistics present you the important Key Performance Indicators of your studio. As a result, you can quickly recognize which course times are the most crowded or which participants are using their plan to maximum. Statistics

Your Course Offerings Anytime and Anywhere

With the SkedFlex-App, your members are offered the possibility of accessing course schedules anytime, anywhere. The web system is naturally available with PC, smartphone, and tablet-PCs. The ability to book courses is no longer an issue with the SkedFlex-App. Mobile App


Due To Many Other Advantages

There are many things which speak on behalf of SkedFlex. Here are a few.

Waiting List

With the Automatic Waiting List, members automatically are allocated to courses when someone leaves this specific course. In addition, the new members receive a message.

Automatic Course Cancellation

In the case that too few participants have signed up for a course within the given timeframe, our system automatically informs the participants and the course leader about the cancellation

Usage Overview

With the Usage Overview, you can track at any time which member has trained, at what time. In addition, the participations can be credited.


Has someone registered but not appeared? This is a no-go in every studio. Mark the behavior as an absence and monitor the regularity.


You can notify your members about important changes within the system, by E-Mail, or also via a Push-Message in the mobile App.


You can integrate your course plan into your own website. With this function, you can inform new customers about your current course schedules.

Mail Server

Use your own Mail Server to send the SkedFlex messages so your members always have a connection to your studio.

Role System

Operator, personnel, or member? Every role has differing access privileges and possibilities within the software.

Naturally, even outside of the application, SkedFlex is the right choice.


SkedFlex offers a conforming data security for both members and personnel administration. Complete data is encrypted and secured.

Data Backups

A daily data backup allows you to restore all data in case of an issue. This is offered free of charge and in an uncomplicated manner.

Complete Cost Control

Your costs are continually under control, because there are no hidden costs and all operating actions are free.


The data of your studio is centrally secured in the cloud so you can access it anywhere at any given time.

Inclusive Updates

There is no installation of updates necessary and yet you continually use the most current version of SkedFlex. Moreover, we inform you about any changes which may occur.

Help and Support

We gladly offer advice and assistance at your side. We are here for you when you need us via telephone or by E-mail.

Extensions / Modules

For Completely New Possibilities

Further optional booking modules extend the functionality exactly as they will be needed.


With Our Partners

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The Creators

Behind SkedFlex

A short overview who is behind the software of SkedFlex.

Georg Leber

Georg Leber

CEO & Co-Founder

“His affinity for new technology as well as the readiness to share his knowledge make him indispensable to our team.”

Christoph Huppertz

Christoph Huppertz

CEO & Co-Founder

“His systematic approach and uncanny ability to learn and execute topics make an efficient working climate.”


For an Excellent Customer Connection

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