Contract Management

With Individual Term and Credit

Define your studio contracts and limit the participants of courses and appointments with the credit points.

Contracts with Individual Terms

Participant Limitation to Courses and Appointments

Weekly, Monthly, or Term-related Credit

Usage Overview

Define your available studio contracts and terms with the credit point bundles in SkedFlex and restrict the weekly participation of members of your courses. The contract management allows you among other things:

Credit Point Bundle with a Term

Credit point bundles contain information like name, description, term, as well as the number of credit points and enable your members to detail them. As an option, every member can receive many credit point bundles.Your member can only book courses with an active bundle and sufficient points.
In addition, you can define bundles which can be booked with the courses. This enables you to offer special courses which can only be booked via the purchase of an additional bundle.

SkedFlex - Contract Management
SkedFlex - Contract Management

Various Credit Points

Your credit point bundles can receive credit points weekly, monthly, or at a given term. Combine various points and easily define bundles such as 2x per week and 1x per month or a 10 time – usage card.

Usage Overview

With the usage overview, you receive information about how often your members train. Also, the view shows you the members which cancelled too late. Should a member miss a session without an excuse, you can document this absence. With this function, you can also observe who registers, but does not show for sessions.

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