Course Planning & Management

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With the Course Planning & Management, you can centrally gather and manage your complete course offering.

Clear Calendar View

Manage Regular Appointments

Training Plan per Course

Integrable Website Plugin

With the Course Planning & Management in SkedFlex, you are capable to depict your complete course offer both simply and intuitively. The clear calendar view is the core element of SkedFlex, in which the course offer can be adjusted and extended. Furthermore, you see at a glance, the occupancy rate of your courses. Your members can simply book your course offer via their membership section. The course planning and management offer you the following advantages below:

Course Creation

With SkedFlex, extensive course information can be offered. Providing names and descriptions as well as a fitting picture and color allow your courses to be easily differentiated. All information helps you and your participants to find the proper course you offer. An example of further information could be room names and instructors. In addition, you create and manage the minimum and maximum participant count as well as the waiting list availability. As a result, you control the size and occupancy rate of your courses. Events can be created via Drag & Drop, allowing your members to book on their own. For every event, you see the current participation number. Also as administrator, you can manually add participants to events.

SkedFlex - Course Planning & Management
SkedFlex - Course Planning & Management

Regular Appointments

Do you have events which occur simultaneously on multiple days? This is no problem for SkedFlex! Simply choose the start and ending times, the weekdays as well as the date, until when the event will be repeated. Our system automatically creates all necessary events. Complimentarily, the regular events can be retrospectively edited or deleted.

Training Plan

For every event, you can create a training plan. Use the training plan to publish the exercises in advance. Every week, you can present your current WOD or deliver important information for the next event.

Website Plugin

With the Website Plugin, you can quickly and simply show your complete course offering on your homepage. The greatest benefit is you can control which information within the website plugin is available.

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