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One-Stop Management – Manage and Offer Dance Courses Online

Many dance studios currently don‘t use any program and do not yet have the advantages of a software which plans and manages their dance courses. With a software-supported planning system, the rigid planning of appointments is a thing of the past. Offer your participants different flexible appointments which can be easily booked online. Through the waiting list and course cancellation-automation, the optimal occupancy rate can be fully controlled automatically. Furthermore, other courses such as Zumba or private hours can be documented so you always have an overview regarding your complete offering. Of course SkedFlex offers you naturally many more advantages.

Never Again Without a Dance Partner!

Many dance schools offer rigid weekly course appointments. In case a participant cannot attend, the ideal allocation of the course is in danger – the dance partner is missing!
With SkedFlex, you show your complete dance offering online and can offer your participants flexible appointments. Alongside the automatic waiting list, the gender-view assists in finding an optimal occupancy rate. Therefore, it is clear for every participant whether a dance partner is still available. Single dance courses are no longer a problem.

With the training levels, you split your dance group into experience levels such as bronze, silver, and gold. Only you control which level of course a member may book. Should the dance participation be limited weekly or monthly? The contract management completely and automatically books the registration, cancellation, the deductions and credits of the contingency. Make the appointments for your dance members tasteful while teaching them new dance moves with a training plan in advance.

Dance School - Never Again Without a Dance Partner
Offer your members the best dance offering!
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