Combat Sport Software

Combat Sport Management – Members and Classes Can be Managed Online.

Whether Judo, Karate, Boxing, Wrestling, or Tae Kwon Do – with SkedFlex, you now offer your personalized Combat Sport offering online. Regular appointments as well as tournaments are conveniently offered and bookable for your participants.
With SkedFlex, you always have an overview of your course occupancy. Thanks to the neatly arranged calendar view, you have your complete appointment offer always in view. New course offerings are immediately bookable upon the planning of your members. This is not only available from a computer, but also 24/7 via the studio-oriented mobile App offered from us. A possible necessary cancellation is even conveniently possible. As a result, members will be continually moved up via the waiting list. Deductions and credits of the contingencies of these operations will be fully and automatically booked with SkedFlex. The training levels help you to divide your Combat Sport events into various difficulty levels.

Combat Sport - book individual Compat Sport offering online
Maintain the overview of your courses as well as the booking and optimize the course booking with the help of the contract management. Allow yourself to be convinced by the advantages of SkedFlex for your Combat Sport studio. Try SkedFlex 14 days for free – Choose your suitable package