Extensions / Modules

For Completely New Possibilities

Further optional booking modules extend the functionality exactly as they will be needed. These are able to be simply added and also terminated within the SkedFlex system. Please keep in mind the cancellation period of your packet. Every module can be tested without charge for two weeks!

Accounting Module

Everything from one Source

With the accounting module, you can comfortably send your bills out and receive SEPA-debts with ease.

Automatic Billing
Personal Letter Paper
SEPA Export and PayPal Payments
Shop View

For you, should the billing for the costs of your members happen automatically in order for you to completely take care of training? Then this module is exactly right for you!

With this module, you extend your bundles around data such as price, terms, as well as cancellation period. In addition, you offer your members your various bundles in the new Shop-View. This can be comfortably booked through the application and paid via SEPA and PayPal. With every purchase, the bill will be automatically created and your member will be informed via E-Mail. Periodical terms of a credit bundle are recognized by the system and automatically extended, naturally including the creation of an invoice for the new time period. A cancellation is possible with the defined cancellation period according to your individual wish.

If you do not wish to offer a Shop view, you can easily deactivate this in the Options section. In the credit bundle you have the possibility to select a payment method in the accounting module. SEPA, money transfer, and cash options are offered.

With the accounting overview, you maintain the overview of open accounting invoices, can create credits to an invoice and comfortably generate an XML-Document to the SEPA-positions. You can easily send his XML-Document in order to complete the SEPA-debt. This enables you to use your own letter paper for the invoices.

Warn: The SEPA direct debiting system can only be used with the euro currency so that it is currently not possible to use it in Switzerland or the UK.

Surcharge: €9.90 / Month *
SkedFlex - Module Accounting

Content Management System

For News and Other Important Information.

Regularly Inform Your Members About News and Provide Tips Regarding Your Events.

News-Feed & Timeline
Document Storage
Video Area
Facebook Plugin

Have the opening times changed for the summer or winter season, or is does your studio have a planned vacation week? Do you want to provide your members the newest information about interesting topics? Then you can post a notice in your studio, send an E-mail to all members, Facebook members, or personally contact people. Yet with the help of the CMS-Module, communication of such information will be significantly simpler! News can be written and published in the system. Members can then read the new information and, if wished, additionally receive notifications of changes. The connection with Facebook also allows you to additionally publish your posts instantaneously.

Other than the News-Feed, we offer you also a document filing system and a video area. If you have individual training plans, nutritional tips or videos with training assistance, then you can provide these in your SkedFlex system. With help from descriptions and categories, neither you nor your members lose an overview of the information.

Surcharge: €5.95 / Month *
SkedFlex - CMS for the latest news about your studio

Individual Studio App

With Your Own Design

A personalized App for Your Studio With App-Store Recognition for Android.

App Store Entry (Android/Apple)
Own Logo
Adapted Color Scheme
Advertisements in the App Store

You would like to further improve the connection to your members? Your studio should stand out from the masses and your members should be able to say “THAT is MY Studio”? Then an individual mobile app is the right choice for you. When booking this module, we create an individual app for you which can be found in any app store and downloaded. On the Smartphone, your customers will no longer have the “SkedFlex”–app, but rather your app with the name and logo of your studio!

Additionally to the name and logo, we fit the color design of the app to your wishes. One of the SkedFlex independent entries in the app store refers to your app. You thereby decide what should be described in the App-Store.

From now on we can only offer the customized app for Android, because Apple refuses to publish the app in the App Store. We are very sorry, but unfortunately we can't do anything due to the restrictions.

If you are interested, please contact us at support@skedflex.eu, so we can provide you with further information on how to proceed.

Surcharge: One-time €250.00 *
Tip: combine with the Studio App module for a one-time payment of €400.00 *
SkedFlex - Individual studio app for your studio

Individual Web-App

With Your Own Design

A personalized Web-App for Your Studio

High Recognition Value
Own Logo
Individual Color Scheme
Emails With Own Logo

The individual studio app is quite nice, but you want even more? With the individual web app, this is possible! When you book this module, we create your own web app, so that the web interface of your SkedFlex system is now shining in the glamour of your own design.
The color scheme is fully adapted for you - not only the menu, the clickable buttons and the accent colors clearly relate to your studio. Your logo will also be displayed instead of the SkedFlex logo. And not only in the web app, but also in the emails! From now on in the subject of the emails your studio will be called instead of SkedFlex - Recognition value guaranteed!

Cool? Then contact us at support@skedflex.eu, so that we can provide you with further information on how to proceed.

Surcharge: One-time €250.00 *
Tip: Combine with the Studio App module for a one-time payment of €400.00 *
SkedFlex - Individual web app for your studio
* All prices are net prices. The offer is valid only for companies and self-employed.