Online-Booking System

For Comfortable and Easy Online Course Booking Through Your Members

Online Booking and Reservation Through Customers

One Participant List per Event

Automatic Waiting Lists / Course Cancellations

Registration and Cancellation Terms

With SkedFlex, you offer not only your course plan online, but also your customers the ability to comfortably book their participation in your courses. Annoying telephone calls and E-Mails regarding registering or de-registering are a thing of the past with SkedFlex. The booking system offers you among other things, the following benefits:

Online Booking & Reservation Through Your Customers

Your customers can access and book your course offer at any given time via the customer view of the application. Registration and de-registration terms help you to plan in advance and indicate which courses have not yet reached capacity.

SkedFlex - Online-Booking System
SkedFlex - Online-Booking System

Automatic Waiting List and Cancellation of Courses

The automatic waiting lists and cancellation of courses help you to optimize the course occupancy levels. Poorly visited courses will be cancelled earlier and members as well as course leaders will be informed in advance. Overfilled courses will be optimized through the waiting list. As soon as a member cancels, another member from the waiting list automatically will be informed of the new free position in the course.

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